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The Permanent Collection

The visit consists of a discovery of the permanent collection of the art center.

The works come from acquisitions via the association, but also from donations, loans from private collectors or artists. 

Here is an overview of some of the artists present in the permanent collection.

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Artist, graffiti artist and painter, John Andrew Perello, better known as JonOne. He started tagging in the streets of Harlem at 17, adorning walls and subway trains.
"The metro is a museum that crosses the city," he says, acknowledging the influence of the discovery of graffiti shooting down the rails and marking the city with a colorful trail.


It was in 2012 that the duo MonkeyBird was formed, Louis Boidron and Edouard Egéa starting their street art work with 4 hands after 3 years of camaraderie on the benches of the Bordeaux design school. Their universe, where Blow, the bird, and Temor, the monkey intertwine endlessly, talks about men, humanity and its hidden side, mixing myths and legends with highly elaborate graphics.



Crash, born John Matos in the Bronx (United States) in 1961, embarked on the adventure of graffiti at a very young age by coloring, with other street artists, the cars of the New York subway. If he has always drawn, it is for his lettering game and his capacity for innovation in the wild style that his talent quickly becomes unquestionable. Displaying his blaze on every street corner, Crash experiments with materials and techniques, developing an increasingly strong and singular graphic style, working sometimes alone, sometimes with other writers (often older) or certain crews.

Introducing himself to a new medium, Crash began to work on canvas, and in 1979 joined Studio Graffiti, which allowed urban artists of the time (such as Futura, Dondi, Daze and Kel) to get off the streets to adopt this medium. In 1980, he organized the exhibition " Graffiti Art Success for America " at Fashion MODA in the South Bronx_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58d: cet This major event marks a first step towards the legitimization of the graffiti movement – and Crash, thus taking on a pioneering role, to make the link between street art and the New York art world.


Born in Toulouse in 1978, Jules Dedet, better known under the pseudonym of L?Atlas, is distinguished by a work close to abstraction originating in his passion for writing. He began to indulge in graffiti in the 1990s ; fascinated by Chinese and Arabic calligraphy? for the aesthetics of the line as well as for their meaning? he left during this period to study Arabic calligraphy with specialists in Egypt and Morocco. Rich in these teachings, on his return, he engages in a work of creation of his own original typography. Between spirituality and geometry, games of infinite variations in black and white, L?Atlas intends to create a form of universal pictorial language, a subtle balance between form and letter, act and intention. The choice of his artist name, moreover, proceeds from this same intention of universality.

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